Parshat Emor

Posted by on May 19, 2019

Parshat Emor

Today at our Shabbat services the most beautiful souls explored the mitzvah of leaving the corners of our fields for the poor, the sojourner (immigrant), the widow and orphan and we closed with some food for thought.

Whether you were able to join us or not, here’s some fodder for spiritual practice:

  • Looking at the field as an agricultural construct leads us to many beautiful ways of being in this world.
  • AND…knowing that Yah too is a field, a field of consciousness, sentience, healing, wisdom transmission and more….

Where is it that WE feel impoverished, orphaned, abandoned, where we need bolstering, where if we really deeply knew that we could simply glean from the corners of Yah’s field we would have enough?

How might you grow your gleanings? Gleanings that nourish, that excite your sense of abundance and stability and connection to community?

Could you glean through specific spiritual practices? Meditation, prayer, walking in nature, study?

Or might it be through self care? Getting more sleep, eating fewer things you are sensitive or allergic to, drinking more water?

Or might it be by releasing things that in their departure invite freedom and security and hope? Releasing patterns, or relationships, or beliefs that don’t serve?

Any other paths to gleaning Yah’s field, that is always there for the taking?


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