Portland Demands Police Accountability!

Posted by on Aug 13, 2019

Portland Demands Police Accountability!

As you are likely aware, for the past three years Patriot Prayer and their White Nationalist friends have held rallies in Portland. They come openly carrying weapons. They come after announcing in their social media that they are looking for a fight, they are looking to cause harm, they are looking to put anyone who disagrees with them in our place. They invite and inspire people from around the region and the nation to join them. And while their numbers are often trivial they do harm and the Portland Police Bureau have not protected those who oppose White Nationalism and fascism. Perhaps you have heard about the friendly texts between PPB and Patriot Prayer ensuring them that they won’t be indicted for their violence. Perhaps you have heard Police Chief Danielle Outlaw’s interview on the Lars Larson show. Perhaps you have seen photos of the police facing off in full riot gear against peaceful protesters with their backs to White Nationalists. Perhaps  you, like I have attended almost all of the counter rallies and experienced these frightening events first hand.

Earlier in 2019 the Spirit Led Justice Alliance met with Chief Outlaw to share our concerns over PPB’s handling of these White Nationalist rallies and counter rallies. We followed up with a letter to Chief Outlaw with a cc to the Mayor and every Commissioner’s office. You can see that letter by clicking here!

Today we invite you to sign a shortened version of that letter as a petition to let Chief Outlaw, Mayor Wheeler and the City Council know that things have got to change.

Please share this petition with your friends. We are going to run this petition till the end of September before we deliver it, so lets get the word and see if we can get 2500 names in the next six weeks!

Together we can make a difference!

For the Spirit Led Justice Alliance,

Rabbi Debra Kolodny

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