Life Cycle Officiation

“As we look back on our beautiful wedding, we consistently come back to the words and feelings that Rabbah Debra offered us. My entire family commented on their prayers, singing and feelings of togetherness and love. Our ketubah signing ceremony had the entire room in tears–both joyous and reflective. We are thankful for all Debra’s hours dedicated to us as a couple even before the ceremony. They got to know us, our families, and goals and weaved it all into a beautiful service. Our wedding wouldn’t have been what it was without them! Thank you so much, Rabbah! You are extremely special!” -Andrea Cohen

“I specifically loved the guidance before the actual ceremony. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from our meetings, but these sessions were insightful around building a family and a home together, coming from two distinct religious backgrounds and traditions.” -Tanya Liszniansky

Officiating at Andrea and Tanya's Wedding. Photo by Karen Obrist.

Spiritual Direction

“I met with Rabbah D’vorah regularly over the course of about seven months, during a period of what I would classify as mindset and career transition in my life. Drawing from a wealth of education, life experience, and on-going study and exploration, Rabbah D’vorah listened empathically and offered honest, contemplative, and reflective direction to me on living with ease. Their energy is deeply kind and supportive, and the way in which they often drew connections between something I was sharing in the present and something they remembered I shared months earlier is, I think, truly remarkable. They gave me meditative, breath, and prayer tools, meeting me where I was at, and empowering me to take what I learned and discovered with them and continue my process without dependence on them. Rabbah D’vorah is a person of the highest integrity. My life is richer for their spiritual and life guidance.” -JL

“Rabbi Debra Kolodny has been my source for spiritual direction for the last three years. I have benefited from their compassion, ability to hear what I am saying, their incredible life experience and their helping me divine the kernel of the issue facing me.

A year and a half ago, Debra visited me often after I had had open-heart surgery and I came to know them as someone I can trust 100% and as someone with a deep well of connection to spirit. Their advice is not superficial and I find their sage words reverberating in my heart and mind every day. Because of their broad and in depth education, I can ask them questions about ethical behavior, spiritual practices and deep matters of the heart. I am grateful and fortunate to have found a spiritual counselor of this high caliber.” Mike Leander


“The class that I took with Rabbi Debra was an immersion into the well of Jewish mystical energy. Always extremely well prepared, Rabbi Debra expertly helped us unpack the many meanings of Biblical text with relevant readings from the Zohar, the Sfat Emet, and other commentaries. They facilitated active student participation, leading to insightful exchanges that encouraged us to dig deeper into the possibilities emanating from the texts. The class went beyond intellectual stimulation. Rabbi Debra guided us into a direct experience of the mystical Judaism we were studying. They began each class with a chant relevant to that week’s theme. As we chanted our intertwining voices opened our perception of the field of Divine energy in and around each of us, and we became keenly aware of the essential Oneness of the God-field from which we all emanate. Attending their class was literally a transformative experience. I carry the insights and awareness that I experienced in this class throughout my daily life.” -Steve Berns


“Rabbah D’vorah is finely attuned to the energy of the moment and the energy of any group they lead. They can feel for the underlying yearning, then express or transform it. Rabbah D’vorah is a soulful singer and a teacher who challenges both intellectually and spiritually!” Rabbi Lori Klein