A and C Bedeken

In addition to her vlogs and upcoming As the Spirit Moves Us podcast, Rabbah D’vorah provides a wide range of services to individuals, congregations and organizations.

She welcomes inquiries about how she can help you actualize your hopes for learning, event commemoration, tikkun olam, spiritual development and/or religious practice.


Rabbah D’vorah has taught hundreds of classes on meditation, prayer, chant, parsha hashavua, prophesy, Conscious communities, tshuvah, Musar, Daily spiritual practice, Jewish mysticism, Life cycle observance, tzedakah, Gender and Judaism, Hassidut, Judaism and LGBTQ issues, Shabbat, Kabbala, Eco-Kashrut, and more. She is available to teach in-person workshops or via distance-learning on the internet.

Spiritual Direction

Feeling called to deepen your relationship with G-d, prayer, meditation, study, musar/personal ethical development, blessing or other spiritual discipline? Yearning to amplify the joy, ease, insight, intuition, balance in your life? Together we’ll explore your hopes, challenges and opportunities for finding greater spiritual fulfillment and happiness.

Life Cycle Facilitation

Weddings, Funerals, Bnei Mitzvah, Sageing Rituals, custom made rituals for other occasions.

Holy Days

Rituals, Teachings and Prayer Service Leadership for the Yamim Noraim, Shelosh Regalim and other holy days throughout the year.


Weekend long immersions in prayer, teaching, ritual and even activism. In addition to musically rich, mystically drenched services and teachings, ask Rabbah D’vorah about the new form of worship she pioneered: Dance Davennen or her embodied Torah study using Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms Dance methodology.

Public Speaking

Rallies, conference and convention keynotes, other events

Coaching in Mindful Management

Rabbah D’vorah ran a consulting practice in labor management partnership and non-profit management for nine years before entering seminary. She also consulted to dozens of Jewish Renewal congregations during her nine year tenure as Executive Director of ALEPH.  She brings a mindful, spiritually centered approach to management coaching, visioning, strategic planning and conflict transformation.

Abraham’s Bosom

Bring Rabbi Debra Kolodny, Pastor Jennifer Brownell and Sufi Guide Arifa Byron for a song drenched evening or weekend of intra-spiritual learning, prayer, chant and zikr. Open gates to Oneness and join us as we merge into the Beloved and become Peace.