Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 1/15/20

Posted by on Jan 26, 2020

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 1/15/20

This week we have the luxury of being able to give you some lead time on two important events happening on January 25.

While I am personally incredibly sad that Shabbat keeps me from attending both of these wonderful gatherings, I hope that others rush to support Postal Workers in the 97217 zip code or help plan the coming year of Spirit filled activism with Portland’s Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

As we head into the weekend of honoring, celebrating and blessing the legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., may we renew our faith in his teaching that, “ the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Blessings and strength to everyone!

For the Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance,
Rabbi Debra Kolodny

Join Communities & Postal Workers United for a Community Meeting with Rep. Earl Blumenauer on Fixing North Portland’s Mail!!

Saturday January 25 from 9:30-10:30am at Celebration Tabernacle Church

(8131 N Denver Ave, Portland, Oregon 97217)

Mail delivery in the 97217 zip code has been erratic and unreliable for the past several months due to a “pilot” project called “Consolidated Casing.”

The “test” that this project is running is to de-skill & speed up the work done by letter carriers, as well as to lengthen many routes in order to eliminate others. The result has been haphazard and late delivery, exhausted mail carriers, and frustrated community members.

Rep. Blumenauer will hear testimony from residents, businesses, and mail carriers in the 97217 area. All are invited to come out and support restoring the service and respecting the workers!

Click Herefor more information and to share this event on social media

Meeting 2020 with Right Action!

Hosted by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Saturday January 25, 10am-12 pm

Multnomah Friends Meeting House, 4312 SE Stark Street

Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship has been in the streets since 2015 as a force for social justice, embracing silence and meditation as tactics. We are now at a turning point.

We have built a network of activists through social media. We have meaningful connections with other social change organizations. We have joined other faith groups who want to abolish ICE and welcome immigrants and refugees. The Buddhist elders who have laid this groundwork are recruiting fresh energies, people who will take leadership in the years going forward.

THESE ARE OUR INTENTIONS: Using skillful means and humility, we eliminate racism and hatred in ourselves and others. With courage and right action, we say no to fascism and do all we can to protect those targeted by fascists and white supremacists. With compassion for all beings and with brave hearts, we meet the climate crisis. With wisdom, we relieve suffering wherever it arises.

If you share some or all these intentions and you have an interest in meditation, whether you are a Buddhist or not, we invite you to join us and move into 2020 with your passion for justice, your social media skills, your persistence and energy. Bring your radical out-of-the-box ideas. We come from various lineages and backgrounds ourselves, and we welcome people of all genders, ages, abilities, and orientations.

The macro goal: a kinder, more compassionate, more caring and equitable world for all beings. The micro goal: each of us is able to hold what comes to us, whatever it is, with equanimity, empathy, compassion, and loving kindness for ourselves and others.

ACCESSIBILITY: ASL Interpretation provided (we will request donations for their services and donations for the room rental). This building has an elevator and accessible toilets. If there are other needs we have not addressed that affect accessibility for you or anyone you know, please message us.

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