Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 10/11/19

Posted by on Oct 12, 2019

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 10/11/19

Thanks in advance for joining us in advancing immigrant justice, assessing a path forward for safety and peace that doesn’t center police and advocating for health care for all.

This week it seems particularly apt that as Jews are in synagogue for Sukkot, observing our harvest festival of abundance and joy and universality our friends who are not in prayers can be calling out to Close the Camps.

These times often seem dire, but we at the Spirit Led Justice Alliance are heartened and encouraged by all the amazing justice work in Portland. When you join us you make us stronger.

Together we can create the safe, welcoming, just, healthy and equitably abundant world we all envision!


Rabbi Debra Kolodny

No Deportations on Stolen Land: Rally for an ICE-Free Oregon!

Come out and rally with JwJ, PDX Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps, Occupy ICE PDX, Portland DSA, and more as we join a nationwide mobilization for immigrant justice October 11-14th.

So many of those locked in Concentration Camps across the US are descendants of indigenous peoples who originally took care of and lived on the very land these prisons are built on.

This year on Indigenous People’s Day we gather to say, “Enough is enough!” No more deportations and imprisonment on stolen land!

Learn about Indigenous perspectives on these atrocities, learn ways to help get ICE out of Oregon and learn how to support local immigrant communities.

Join IMIrJ in Working to Get ICE out of Oregon Courthouses!

Sign IMIrJ’s Petition for a Safe & Inclusive Oregon, which reads in part (here).

As people of faith and goodwill, we are concerned by Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) ramping up of detention and deportation of people in our communities.

As an overwhelming majority of Oregon voters affirmed this past fall, we believe that local law enforcement shouldn’t be in the business of enforcing federal immigration policy. Moreover, we think it is imperative for the overall safety of our communities and integrity of our justice system, that ICE not be allowed to detain and arrest people at or around our courthouses.

Form a team

of 3-5 leaders from your congregation who can help engage your community leading up to and during the Oregon legislature’s 2020 short session. (First legislative days are November 18-21st) Click here to register with IMIrJ!

Creating a World Beyond Policing!

Saturday, October 12, 6 pm Dismantle, Change, Build Center 14 NE Killingsworth St

Please join us for night two in our Beyond Policing series to explore, imagine, and help CREATE a world beyond policing. Tonight will feature an organizational share and panel discussion with local abolitionist activists, and will welcome Alex Vitale as our guest presenter

Given the profound distrust between Portlanders and their police department and the struggles that Portland has had with historical police repression and contemporary collaboration with violent right winger hate groups, the time seems ripe for a reconsideration of policing in Portland.

Rally for Medicare for All!

Friday, October 18, 4-5:30 pm Pioneer Courthouse Square

Join Health Care for All Oregon, Healthcare-NOW and the Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare, Jobs with Justice, National Nurses United, Oregon’s Unions and Single Payer Activists to rally for Medicare for All. Music, Speakers, Rallying Cries, and Powerful Personal Testimonies.

Featuring: Sara Nelson, International President of the Association of Flight Attendants
Sharon Meieran, MD, Multnomah County Commissioner
Travis Nelson, RN, Washington State Labor Organizer
Adrienne Enghouse, President OFNHP

Rallying Cries:
Poetry by Renee Mitchell
Hip Hop Artist Candid Ramblings
Singer Song Writer Bob Wickline
and Big Nurse!

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