Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 10/24/18

Posted by on Oct 25, 2018

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 10/24/18

The election, with its opportunity to vote out those who have greed and cruelty in their hearts and elect those who share our vision of a loving, welcoming, equitable and just world cannot come soon enough. And as we draw closer the news seems to keep getting more dire.

This week let’s do our part by writing a comment, voting yes to support our planet and learning more about income inequality and what we can do about it.

And when you are done with this week’s actions, invite your friends to join us by sending this link to 10 of your friends.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance’s Interfaith service tomorrow on Thursday morning, October 25 at 8 am at Bridgeport UCC/Shir Tikvah 621 Northeast 76th Avenue. Given this past week’s hurtful examples of transphobia we will focus on loving and celebrating our transgender and non-binary beloveds.

Rabbi Debra for the Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance

Stop Trump’s Cruel New Immigration Policy!

Public charge” is a term used in immigration law to refer to a person who is likely to become primarily dependent on the government to meet their basic needs. If someone is found to be a public charge, the government can deny admission to the U.S. or refuse an application for lawful permanent residency. Under the new proposed rule, the government now wants to redefine “public charge” more expansively, as an immigrant who receives one or more listed public benefits. Click here to submit your comment and SAY NO to this cruel new policy!

Support Clean Energy and Vote YES for Measure 26-201!

This election Portland voters will have a huge impact on our chances of tackling the climate crisis and transitioning to 100% clean energy. We have a unique opportunity to make change by passing measure 26-201, the Portland Clean Energy Initiative.

With big bucks coming in opposition from Comcast, Amazon, Walmart, US Bank, and Home Depot it’s critical that we let our friends know about the importance of the Portland Clean Energy Initiative.

This Initiative takes a combined approach, addressing the climate crisis in more direct ways, and also taking aim at systems of economic inequality that is the root of so many problems we face. By collecting a 1% surcharge on the Portland sales generated by retail corporations with over $1 billion in annual revenue this measure would raise $30 million annually to fund Clean Energy projects, job training and infrastructure investments.

It sounds a little complicated, but this measure is based on a simple idea: corporations should pay their fair share and help pave the way for a Clean Energy future. Which is why over two hundred community organizations, businesses, and faith leaders have endorsed 26-201.

Join OCCV’s October Forum!
‘Income Inequality: How Does This Happen?’

America was once celebrated for and defined by its large and prosperous middle class. Now, this middle class is shrinking and the country faces its greatest wealth disparity in eighty years. Why is the economic system that made America strong suddenly failing us, and how can it be fixed?

Join the October forum hosted by the Oregon Coalition of Christian Voices where will watch a video produced by Robert Reich, economist, professor, and former Secretary of Labor. Reich presents a paradigm-shifting, examination of a political and economic status quo that no longer serves the people.

Then Daniel Hauser, from the Oregon Center for Public Policy will present information on Oregon’s own income disparities and the policies contributing to it. Following will be a discussion about what we’ve learned, discuss ballot measures that stand to further income inequality, and lift up what people of faith can do to address income inequality!

Sunday, October 28, 2018, 2-4 pm Augustana Lutheran Church 2710 NE 14TH AVE, Portland, OR. 97212  “Fireside Room”

Mark your calendar for the monthly Spirit Led Justice Alliance interfaith service!

Every fourth Thursday – 8am – Bridgeport UCC/Shir Tivkah. 621 Northeast 76th Avenue.

October 25, November 22 and December 27!

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