Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 11/7/18

Posted by on Nov 8, 2018

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 11/7/18

We are preparing this email before election results are in, and we know that all of us are waiting on pins and needles to find out what the next two years will look like.Join us in a simple social media campaign this week to support Dairy workers who are working under unconscionable conditions and show up to support OHSU workers at a rally next Thursday.

Help us grow our community of faith motivated activists by sending this link to invite your friends!

Please note that the next Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance’s Interfaith service will be in January and we will be moving to an evening time frame.

Whatever the election results, we will continue to be here for one another, showing up and speaking out for justice, equity and compassion!

Blessings and Solidarity,

Rabbi Debra for the Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance

Tell Starbucks to Take Responsibility

For Dairy Worker Abuse!

Washington state dairy workers are asking for your help. Tell Starbucks that as a major buyer of Darigold products we expect them to take social responsibility for the products they use. Dairy workers are reporting face sexual harassment, tragic accidents, wage theft, and other abuses. Many have been retaliated against for speaking out and some have even been sued!

1. Print out an “I support dairy workers” sign.

2. Take a selfie w/the sign. You get a gold star if you take your picture in front of a Starbucks!

3. Post the picture on Facebook and/or Twitter tagging @Starbucks, @Darigold and use the hashtags #DarigoldDozen and #GotAbuse.

4. Be sure to tag the UFW and NFWM . Our handles are @UnitedFarmWorkers and @NFWM on Facebook and @UFWupdates and @nfwministy on Twitter

5. Please make your Facebook post public.

Here is a sample caption for your photo on Twitter:
@Starbucks I support the #DarigoldDozen. As a major buyer of @Darigold products, @Starbucks must take social responsibility for the products they make profits from. #GotAbuse @ufwupdates @nfwministry

And here is a sample caption for Facebook
@Starbucks I support the #DarigoldDozen. As a major buyer of @Darigold products, @Starbucks must take social responsibility for the products they make profits from. #GotAbuse @ufw @nfwministry

If you are unfamiliar with tagging or are not on social media, please email the photo to both jsherman@ufw.org and jtaylor@nfwm.org and they can post it for you!

Please do by November 20th to help the dairy workers get a meeting!
Background on the Darigold campaign.

Support the Union of

Grad Student Workers at OHSU

Although the graduate researchers won their union with a strong majority, OHSU has submitted a formal objection, saying they are not “employees” and cannot unionize!

Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 11 AM – 12 PM the lawn outside Mac Hall

Let’s come together as an OHSU and greater Portland community to show that we are not going to let this objection slow our momentum and that the graduate researchers deserve a voice at work! It’s time for OHSU to stop stalling and #DropObjection!

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