Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 11/8/19

Posted by on Nov 9, 2019

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 11/8/19

What work is more holy than protecting our earth (Creation Care/Being Shomrei Adamah) and welcoming, honoring and ensuring that immigrants can easily become part of our communities?

In the next week we have the opportunity to say NO MORE LIES and ADDRESS THIS CLIMATE EMERGENCY as well as to say YES to DACA recipients and work to ensure their safe path to citizenship.

Hope to see you in the streets!
For the Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance,

Rabbi Debra Kolodny

We Act In Peace: Portland!

Friday, November 8, 3-5pm

Colonel Summers Park (Belmont and 20th)

The whole world is on fire. California burns. We are nature defending itself. We are Extinction Rebellion.

What does it mean to be participating in momentum based organizing and protests? The only way to know, is to show up and experience it. We are non-violent in our approach, but firm in our resolve to Tell the Truth about climate change. Extinction Rebellion was born in London, but thrives globally as a movement across the world.

Our protests are fun, and family friendly. We hope that you have trained with us, and learned with us before the protest, but anyone can and should join. The more the merrier.

Check out the Facebook event by clicking here!

Defend DACA, Home is Here Rally!

Tuesday, November 12, 10:30-12 pm

Terry Schrunk Plaza, 364 SW Madison Street

On November 12, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on the termination of DACA and decide whether to uphold this highly successful program or put immigrant youth at risk of deportation.

The Home is Here coalition is fighting to protect DACA recipients, their families, and all immigrant communities on a national scale. DACA is legal, constitutional, and it works. But if the Supreme Court Justices let the Trump Administration end DACA, it will endanger the futures of hundreds of thousands of our community members. Without protection, DACA recipients could lose their homes and their livelihoods. They could be added to the list of those in constant danger of being deported and could be separated from their families. Thousands of DACA recipients have to submit paperwork and pay up to $1000 to remain in their own homes. This isn’t right!

Join us on November 12th at Terry Schrunk Plaza where immigrants raised in Oregon will share their stories. Help us shift the narrative of the undocumented experience. We are more than what the media says we are. We are Oregonians.

For more information follow the Oregon DACA Coalition by clicking here!

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