Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 2/12/19

Posted by on Feb 14, 2019

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 2/12/19

Whether at the city, state or federal level, our voices will be heard this week!

Together let’s say no to surveillance of people based on race, religious and political belief, lets address the houseless crisis at its root and cap rent increases and end no-cause evictions and finally, let’s fight for the strongest protections against workplace harassment in the US!

Looking forward to seeing you at our next Interfaith Service on Tuesday, February 19 at 7:00 pm at Grant Park Church, 2728 NE 34th. There is ample parking in the lot across the street and a ramp to the front door. There are two front doors, please use the one on the right).

Rabbi Debra Kolodny for the Spirit Led Justice Alliance team

Say NO to Portland’s Participation in the JTTF!

Join Commissioner Hardesty and community advocates for a rally followed by the Portland City Council vote to withdraw Portland from the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Former Mayor & Police Chief Tom Potter pulled Portland out of the JTTF in 2005 due to concerns about the lack of oversight and transparency in this secretive agreement. Now it’s time to withdraw once again. As the ACLU of Oregon states:

“Now, under a president who targets people based on their religion (Muslims), national origin (immigrants), and political beliefs (protesters, Black Lives Matter), it is more important than ever to stop participating in the federal government’s dragnet surveillance and spy program.

The FBI and ICE, the biggest players in the Joint Terrorism Task Force, regularly engage in profiling and surveillance that is prohibited under Oregon law. Portland Police officers simply cannot comply with Oregon law while also operating as deputized JTTF agents. Furthermore, these officers operate without local oversight, as neither their supervisors, the city attorney, nor the mayor have the security clearance needed to monitor their work.”

ASL Interpretation will be provided. and you can RSVP by clicking here!

End No-Cause Evictions and Cap Rent Increases!

We all need a safe, stable place to call home. Rising rents are continuing to push many Oregonians—especially members of the LGBTQ community, people of color and our aging neighbors—out of their homes.

Senate Bill 608 would cap rent increases and put an end to no-cause evictions!

Can you send them a quick message asking them to support Senate Bill 608?

By ending no-cause evictions and stopping extreme rent increases, we can continue to break down the system of discrimination and inequality that continues to hold us back!

Let your legislators know you want them to take action NOW to protect housing stability for the 40% of Oregonian households who rent their homes by passing SB 608!

Help Oregon Lead the Way in Ending Sexual Harassment in the Workplace!

Following the bravery of survivors sharing their stories through movements like Time’s Up and Me Too, Oregon’s lawmakers will soon consider the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act, which would change our state’s law to protect workers through the following methods:

  • Prevents employers from asking for nondisclosure agreements that relate to discrimination at the time of hiring, and during settlement and severance negotiations.
  • Prevents employers from requesting provisions that prevent the rehiring of previously discriminated-against employees during settlement agreements.
  • Extends Statute of Limitations for discrimination in employment situations to seven years.
  • Creates Individual Liability for owners, president and corporate officer when sexual harassment has occurred and goes unaddressed.
  • Directs BOLI to create policies and procedures for employers/employees that relate to sexual harassment.
  • Ensures that where employers have made a good faith determination that harassment has occurred, any severance given to the harasser, if an executive, is rendered unenforceable.

Stories of workplace sexual harassment and discrimination are going to be a critical step in passing the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act. Our lawmakers need to understand the reality of the lived experience of survivors.

If you are willing and able to do so, you can submit a secure (and anonymous if prefered) story via AFL-CIO’s online tool
by clicking here.

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