Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 2/20/20

Posted by on Feb 21, 2020

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 2/20/20

Please join us this week in another lobbying opportunity you can exercise in the comfort of your own home and put an end to more tax schemes that benefit the super wealthy. Say YES to Oregon House Bill 4010!

And together we can also continue to Say NO to ICE in Courthouses and expand that protection to those travelling to and from the court.

As the sun shines, the crocuses emerge and we inch closer to the season of rebirth and renewal, may the work of our hands be ensured for justice, equity and freedom!

For the Spirit Led Justice Alliance,

Rabbi Debra Kolodny

Just say NO to Opportunity Zones!

“Opportunity Zones” are tax cuts for capital gains income that benefits investors who park their money in specific areas designated as “Opportunity Zones.” It is one of many flawed provisions in the 2017 Trump tax scheme.

Because Oregon automatically connects to parts of the federal tax code, we are on track to give out our own state-version of this tax subsidy, even though the Oregon legislature never voted for it!

These tax breaks subsidize investments that would happen anyway, using taxpayer dollars to juice already profitable deals. One investment that Oregonians could be subsidizing is a new, luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel and condo. “Opportunity Zones” subsidize not just the rich, but the ultra-rich. Capital gains income is highly concentrated at the top of the income ladder.

The subsidies to wealthy investors undermine services that truly promote opportunity. Tax dollars that could fund schools, job training programs, and other essential services will instead go to wealthy investors. Wealthy Oregonians will get a tax break not just for their investments in Oregon, but anywhere in the country.

These subsidies risk accelerating gentrification. While “Opportunity Zones” are billed as a way of revitalizing depressed areas, there is no requirement that these investments benefit low-income residents. Worse, they could push out long-term residents of areas designated as “Opportunity Zones.”

Tell Oregon lawmakers to protect Oregonians by enacting House Bill 4010. This bill disconnects Oregon from the federal “Opportunity Zones,” while directing state analysts to study the program and recommend what, if any, parts of Oregon’s connection to “Opportunity Zones” to salvage.

Your legislators need to hear directly from you. Find them here:

Click Here to find your Oregon House Rep

Click Here to find your Oregon State Senator

Join IMIrJ in lifting a moral voice to say

NO to ICE in Oregon Courthouses!

This month we have another opportunity to comment on Oregon’s rule prohibiting warrantless ICE arrests in and around Oregon courthouses.

UTCR 3.190 is scheduled to come before the UTCR Committee again on April 3, 2020. The Committee will consider additional comments and any potential changes to the current rule. Comments may be submitted through March 20, 2020, at 5:00 p.m.

Let’s join an avalanche of people of faith commenting on UTCR 3.190 so the Committee understands that Oregonians want our courthouses to be safe for all. We urge you to ask to expand the rule to protect individuals not only while inside or in the vicinity of a courthouse, but also while traveling to or from a courthouse.

  • To submit a comment, first click on the link here.
  • Navigate to page 28 and click on the comment box in the margin across from UTCR 3.190. Complete the comment form that pops up, including the required fields for name and UTCR rule number 3.190

Share why you care deeply about this rule and use these points for guidance:

  • I appreciate and support UTCR 3.190. I am proud to live in a state with such a rule.
  • UTCR 3.190 allows the free, open, and safe operation of our courts without interference or intimidation by ICE.
  • UTCR 3.190 reduces the risk of racial profiling by ICE in and around courthouses by requiring ICE to have a judicial warrant for an arrest.
  • I understand that, after UTCR 3.190 went into effect, ICE arrested a community member driving out of a courthouse parking lot, arguably just outside the boundary set by the rule.
  • This demonstrates the need to broaden UTCR 3.190 to cover anyone traveling to or from a courthouse.  Otherwise, going to court will continue to feel unsafe to many community members.


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