Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 3/13/20

Posted by on Mar 15, 2020

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 3/13/20

This week as we navigate all of the unknowns about the Coronavirus we have the opportunity to protect tenants, support the houseless and act together to limit another modern scourge—gun violence.

Please join me in signing a petition to protect tenants from getting evicted while the Coronavirus remains a threat, support the HereTogether campaign for a longer term solution to houselessness and help get two initiatives on the ballot to support protection from gun violence by connecting with the work of Lift Every Voice Oregon.

This week Christians deepen their reflection practices during Lent. Jews ponder the power of coming out against hate during our Purim celebration. Muslims prepare for Lailat al Miraj on March 22, when the Prophet Muhammad undertook a physical and spiritual voyage and was given instruction to pray five times a day. As members of all Abrahamic traditions aspire to higher levels of consciousness this week, may we all be called to bring every more holiness into our earth plane through our justice work.

On behalf of the Spirit Led Justice Alliance,

Rabbi Debra Kolodny

Demand a Moratorium on Evictions as we Navigate the Coronavirus!

In order to contain the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and reduce the number of people who are critically ill, we must allow people to stay home from work without worrying about how they’ll be able to pay their rent. No one is better off if people who should be staying home are going to work, so we need to do everything we can to make sure they don’t have to.

Will you sign this petition urging Oregon’s elected leaders and Portland’s commissioners to institute an immediate moratorium on all evictions while Oregonians are struggling to mitigate the impacts of coronavirus on our communities and economy?

Landlords must not post 72-hour notices nor file evictions for nonpayment of rent until this crisis has been abated. They must accept partial payment of rent and agree to make payment arrangements once the situation has stabilized.

Elected leaders must call on landlords to honor this demand, and they must take all necessary measures to halt all nonpayment-of-rent evictions, ideally before they are even filed.

Sign this petition!

In the state of Oregon, a renter can be evicted for being $1 short on rent by the 13th of the month. Their landlords are under no obligation to accept partial payments, make payment arrangements, or drop the eviction if the tenant comes up with that missing $1 by or before their court date. This is economic violence, even when we aren’t dealing with a major public health emergency.

Endorse the HereTogether Campaign!

This Metro tax initiative is critical to address homelessness in the Metro area. HereTogether has developed a comprehensive, region wide plan to address long-term and episodic homelessness by providing mental, behavioral, and substance use counseling; additional case workers; genuine income opportunities such as job training; and increase access to affordable housing all in service of supporting the life changing ecosystem that results in people living stable, productive lives in our communities. You can read more at heretogetheroregon.org.

The HereTogether initiative affirms that our region’s service providers do amazing, lifesaving work everyday to help end people’s homelessness. What they need to do it at scale is more resources.

Endorse HereTogether and vote Yes for the HereTogether Homelessness Measure on May 19th. If you have questions, you can reach out to HereTogether’s Deputy Director Cole Merkel at cole@heretogetheroregon.org

Lift a Moral Voice Against Gun Violence!

Lift Every Voice Oregon is moving forward with a November 2020 ballot measure that includes two powerful changes:

  • Ensuring that anyone purchasing a semiautomatic assault weapon must be 21 years old, wait five days before taking possession, complete a safety training course, and actually pass a background check.
  • Prohibiting the purchase of ammunition magazines that hold over 10 rounds.

IP 60, IP 61, and IP 62 have all received their ballot titles and are presently in the comment and challenge process. If all goes as anticipated, we will be able to start collecting signatures on the best viable IP option in early to mid April.

The campaign will need to gather 150,000 signatures by July 2 to get the initiative on the November ballot.

The campaign is recruiting individuals who might be interested in hosting a a Circulator Training event (signature gathering training).

It is also recruiting signature gatherers. Two training events are scheduled at Augustana Lutheran Church (2710 NE 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97212) on Tuesday, March 24th at 6:30 pmand again on Saturday March 28th at 10:00 am.

Please contact office@lifteveryvoiceoregon.com if you have any questions and/or are able to host a Circulator Training event or help train others

Click to support the work of the Spirit Led Justice Alliance with $10 a month donation!

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