Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 3/14/19

Posted by on Mar 15, 2019

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 3/14/19

We are pleased to share another Farm Worker Ministry Action this week along with the opportunity to speak with your legislators about gun safety and to sign up for  another two lobby days in April.

Thanks so much for joining us in this adventure. We hope to see you next Tuesday at our Interfaith service, Tuesday, March 19 at 7:00 pm at Grant Park Church, 2728 NE 34th.

So many blessings,
Rabbi Debra Kolodny for the Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance

Lift a Moral Voice Supporting UFW to DemandStarbucks Clean Up Their Supply Chain!

Thank you for being a friend to farm workers. We’ve been telling you about our fight for fair treatment at Darigold member farms. We’re asking people like you to help us hold major retailers like Starbucks accountable for the dairy workers who produce the milk they sell. Starbucks hasn’t stepped up for farm workers, so on March 20, dairy workers will be taking their message directly to the Starbucks Shareholders Meeting in Seattle.

Starbucks shareholders will be reflecting on their record 9 billion dollars in profits – and we’re there to make sure they are all accountable to the workers like the Darigold Dozen whose labor created those profits.

Farm workers from rural Washington will be outside talking to shareholders, raising their voices and telling their stories. You can help make sure those voices are heard. Voices like Maria Gonzalez, a dairy worker and activist who fought back against sexual harassment — and won. Now she’s working to support the women and men still experiencing sexual harassment and other abuses as they labor to produce the milk you drink.

Tell Starbucks to clean up their supply chain by clicking here to register your support of farm workers!

Help us Pass Gun Violence Legislation in Oregon!

Join us in making 3 calls to these legislators to lift a moral voice in support of preventing gun violence!

  1. Call Your State Representative dial the central switchboard at (800) 332-2313

(Check here to identify your Representative)

  1. Call Senate Majority Leader/House Judiciary Chair Jennifer Williamson (503) 986-1436
  2. Call House Speaker Tina Kotek (503) 986-1444
  3. If you can, call other members of the House Judiciary Committee, listed below.You can say something like: “I strongly support HB 3223 to regulate and restrict assault weapons and HB 3265 to ban large-capacity magazines. Please let me know when the committee hearings will be held, so that I can follow the proceedings and possibly testify in support of these two bills.”

(You can call anytime 24/7 and will most likely reach a staff member or voicemail, that is still very helpful!)

HB 3223 – Regulate and Restrict Assault Weapons*  (click here for full text)

HB 3265 – Ban on Large-Capacity Magazines*         (click here for full text)

Join the Health Care for All Oregon Lobby Day!

Monday, April 1 at the State Capitol in Salem

  • Remind your legislators that Oregonians want universal health care.
  • Thank those that have signed on to Senate Bill 770.
  • Ask them what they will do to help make universal health care a reality for Oregonians.
  • Get a hearing and a vote on SB 770, the Health Care for All Oregon Act, to create a board to start building a single payer, publicly funded system to guarantee affordable healthcare for every Oregon resident.

Register Here for Lobby Day

Option 1: Lobby Training and Bill Review, 9-11 am

Where: St Mark Lutheran Church. 790 Marion St, NE (2 blocks from capitol)

Option 2: Go directly to HCAO Lobby Headquarters, Hearing Room 350, State Capitol. Hours: 9 am to 4 pm. Check in for the day & get materials.

Join People of Faith From Across Oregon IMIrJ’s First Advocacy Day!


Drawing on the rich practices, stories and rituals of our various faith traditions, we’ll join our voices together in a meaningful – and politically impactful – day at the Capitol, amplifying the demands and priorities of Oregon’s immigrant and refugee communities.

At the same time, we know that passing state policies that will allow Oregonians to live in safe and welcoming communities regardless of their immigration status is more than a one-day affair. We are committed to accompanying your faith community’s Sanctuary Team leading up to and beyond April 8th, as we work together to ensure true Sanctuary for All. Learn more about all the ways you and your faith community can engage, here.

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