Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 5/2/19

Posted by on May 3, 2019

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 5/2/19

We have an incredible list of opportunities for you this week to move our city and state forward on environmental justice, criminal justice reform, and support refugees in Oregon!

It has been so exciting to make our voices heard and to grow this community of Spirit Led activists. In less than a year we are over 350 voices strong! Thank you for participating, for showing up and for speaking truth to power!

Soon we will also be inviting you to the first action created by the Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance, and while our focus remains lifting moral voice in support of other campaign across the alliance, we are  excited to reach this milestone as an organization! Look for details later this month as we advance our campaign to divest Oregon’ public monies out of Endeavor Capitol!

We will gather in prayer and use our prophetic voices to say NO to oppression and YES to equity and justice.

As we gather our energy in our own campaign and infuse our actions with prayer, we have decided to discontinue our monthly services after reflecting on where  energy in our organization is and can be focused. If you had planned to come, please know what we will no longer be meeting for monthly interfaith worship on third Tuesdays. Instead, let us recenter and know that the actions that we take together is worship!

Blessings of the Spring, blessings for freedom, for renewal and for hope,

Rabbi Debra Kolodny for the Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance

Stop The Expansion of Dangerous Shipments of Crude Oil Through Portland!  

Extinction Rebellion recently took over Zenith Energy, dumping a truck full of soil over the train tracks and planting a ‘victory over fossil fuels’ garden, complete with sheds and scarecrows. You can view the action live stream or read more Zenith here!

We want the flow of fossil fuels, and the flow of capital that supports it, to stop – and at the brink of extinction, we are not asking for permission.”

Zenith Energy began exporting tar sands oil from its Willamette River facility last year. In 2018 it exported more than $71 million of crude oil, up from only $2,535 the year before. Now it is expanding so it can handle over three times the number of oil train cars. Oil trains endanger public safety and public health and create environmental risks.

We join with Extinction Rebellion and demand clean air, clean rivers, and a city that is safe for everyone.

Together we urge the City of Portland to use its authority to halt expansion of tar sands shipments through our community. Please join us in calling the Mayor and City Commissioners to immediately hold a public hearing where Zenith Energy representatives meet with Portland residents and local government officials to hear our concerns! Here’s a sample message:
Thank you for opposing Zenith Energy’s tar sands oil transport in Portland. In accordance with the City of Portland’s policy of opposing oil trains, I urge the City of Portland to hold a public hearing where representatives from Zenith Energy will meet with Portland residents and local government officials to hear their concerns. Because the expansion of the Zenith Energy’s facility is already underway, this hearing should occur as soon as possible.”

Portland City Commissioners Phone Lines

Wheeler 503-823-4127 opinion line, 503-823-4120 main line

Eudaly 503-823-4682

Fish 503-823-3589

Fritz 503-823-3008

Hardesty 503-823-4151

Take Action with The Spirit Led Justice Alliance to Support these Bills!

1. Reducing the Use of the Death Penalty NOW!

Senate Bill 1013 removes “future dangerousness” as a factor for a jury to use when deciding on the use of the death sentence. It requires the state to “prove beyond reasonable doubt” that a defendant should receive death sentence. It redefines the crime of “aggravated murder,” classifying it as murder in the first degree, and renames the crime of murder to murder in the second degree.

It passed the Senate Committee on Judiciary by a 5-2 vote on 4/8/19.  It has been referred to the floor of the Senate with a “Do Pass” recommendation.

Please reach out today via phone, mail or USPS mail to key Senators who are potential swing votes!

sen.petercourtney@oregonlegilature.gov  Rm S-201 503 986-1711

sen.jackiewinters@oregonlegislature.gov Rm S-301 503 986-1710

sen.hermanbaertschiger@oregonlegislatue.gov Rm S-323 986-1702

sen.brianboquist@oregonlegislature.gov  Rm S-311 503 986-1912

sen.betsyjohnson@oregonlegislature.gov  Rm S-209 503 986-1716

sen.timknopp@oregonlegislature.gov      Rm S-309 503 986-1727

sen.cliffbentz@oregonlegislature.gov    Rm S-403 503 986-1730

2. Protect Domestic Violence Survivors!

A vital bill that will protect domestic violence survivors: HB 2013, has moved one step closer to becoming law – but we’ll need your help to make sure it keeps moving forward.

The Oregon House of Representatives will vote any day now on it, and we need you to send an urgent message to your representative to make sure they vote YES.

Oregon law prohibits domestic abusers from purchasing firearms, but doesn’t require them to turn in any guns that they may already own. HB 2013 would close that dangerous gap in state law and protect Oregon communities from abusers armed with guns. Send an urgent message to your House Representative today and let’s make sure we keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers.

3. Ensure Oregon Continues to Support Refugees!

House Bill 2508 was passed out of the Human Services and Housing Committee and is now before the Human Services Committee of Ways and Means. Contact your legislator and offer your support for refugees, who make Oregon stronger!

HB 2508 will provide 1,800 refugees with Extended Case Management (ECM) over two years, including employment services and supports to school aged children. Refugees who receive ECM for two years are significantly less likely to depend on public assistance long-term. In addition, these funds will stabilize the resettlement process to ensure that refugees can reunite with their families and Oregon will remain a welcoming state for refugees.

This is critical because cuts in refugee admissions and funding at the federal level put local refugees at risk. Funding gaps from federal sources for refugee resettlement are jeopardizing Oregon’s history of welcoming refugees.

Investing in refugees from their first few years of arrival accelerates their trajectory for success. Studies show that with proper support and case management, refugees are generally employed within six months and bring immense contributions to the economy, diversity, and social fabric of the state. When refugees are better equipped with support services and ECM, crisis situations are less common, thus saving taxpayer money going toward emergency responses, emergency room visits and public assistance.

Click HERE to find your legislator and contact them today on this important issue!

Click to Support the Work of the Spirit Led Justice Alliance with $10 a month.

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