Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 8/28/19

Posted by on Aug 29, 2019

Spirit Led Justice Alliance *Action Alert* 8/28/19

As our city’s temperatures run hot, it is gratifying that we can take a breather from the invasion of White Nationalists we saw a couple of weeks ago.

Nevertheless we remain very concerned about Portland’s hyper militarization of its police force for these kind of events and its rhetoric around violence on both sides.

If you are not among the hundreds who have already signed our petition to Mayor Wheeler we urge you to sign today and to share it on FB and other social media. Please help us reach our goal of 2500 signatures!

Last week we told you about the Portland Metro People’s Coalition meeting and today we share the location of their gathering on September 21.

And finally, we do hope that you join us to support workers at PSU on September 17.

Please stay cool and hydrated so we can continue to journey together for justice for years to come

Rabbi Debra Kolodny for the Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance

Join the Community Rally for Higher Education Workers!

With a record high budget the public university system has the resources to pay workers fairly, but instead they’re choosing to cut workers’ pay and raise tuition while continuing to pay top administrators exorbitant salaries.

Join the Portland-Metro People’s Coalition for a Participatory Budgeting Lab

Saturday, September 21, 2019
10 AM – 3 PM
First Unitarian Church of Portland – Buchanan Reception Hall
1226 SW Salmon St.
Lunch served. Donations appreciated.
Space is limited! RSVP to info@portlandpeoplescoalition.org,
and we will confirm your participation.

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty and Reverend William Barber of the Poor People’s Campaign call budgets moral statements that must reflect the values of the public. Yet, while the Portland metro region is booming with wealth, we are told time and again there is no money to fund community needs.
The current budgeting process threatens our future. We need a visionary budget and participatory process to fund the PMPC Bill of Rights and 2020 Policy Platform. Let’s use our community wealth to invest in a future with public housing, banking, utilities, childcare and more!

This fall is the time in the budget cycle to intervene and to have an impact.Learn how the current budget process works (or doesn’t) and participate in designing a budget led by Participatory Budgeting Oregon that truly reflects our community priorities, values and vision.

Join us on Saturday, September 21, and stay tuned for the full agenda and location!

The PMPC is an all-volunteer group of 20 Participating Organizations that exists to serve our community. Representatives from more than a dozen other groups joined us at our recent Delegate Assembly. All are eager to chart a new course to build unified people power for a just, egalitarian and liberatory city, county and metro for all. Please join us.

Sign the Spirit Led Justice Alliance Petition to Demand Police Accountability!!

For the past three years Patriot Prayer and their White Nationalist friends have held rallies in Portland. And while their numbers are often trivial they do harm and the Portland Police Bureau have often not protected those who oppose fascism.

This has been evident in the friendly texts between PPB and Patriot Prayer ensuring safety from indictment for their violence, Police Chief Danielle Outlaw’s interview on the Lars Larson show, and countless photos of the police facing off in full riot gear against peaceful protesters with their backs to White Nationalists.

Today leaders of the Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance are inviting you to sign this petition to let Chief Outlaw, Mayor Wheeler and the City Council know that things have got to change!

Click to support the work of the Spirit Led Justice Alliance with $10 a month donation!

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