Portland Oregon Jewish Federation Pride Celebration – June 2020

Posted by on Oct 28, 2020

Portland Oregon Jewish Federation Pride Celebration  – June 2020

Our rabbinic sages say that we are to learn and replicate the deeds of our ancestors. They call this principle maase avot siman lebanim, which means that the actions of our ancestors are a sign or portent to their children. I invite us to learn from a series of deeds that isn’t found in Torah, but is part of the legacy of the avot v’imahot/the founding generation of the LGBTQI+ movement. On a...

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Portland’s UnShul 5779/2018 Days of Awe: Gestation of our Liberation

Posted by on Jul 19, 2018

Dear UnShul Members and Supporters: We are delighted to announce our High Holy Day Services! We will meet at the home of Rabbah D’vorah and can accommodate 60 souls. Given the interest we have already heard we want to urge you to register early to make sure you secure your spot. (Details below.) Join Portland’s UnShul, a lyrical, mystical, queer drenched, passionately activist, spiritually...

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